Songs for No One

by Jude Corbin

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released September 17, 2016


all rights reserved



Jude Corbin Asheville, North Carolina

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my page, I'm Jude Corbin, a musician from Asheville. I make solo music, but I'm also in a band called Jaeb, you can hear our demos here.

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Track Name: Commercials and Billboards
Commercials and billboards, Feeding into your mind
Just taking what they feed you; you don't even think
Why don't we leave?
Track Name: Forcing Sadness
Why is it that
we're always happier
when we're not
doing anything?

Go out and sing
make someone happy
you know it's better than

being alone every single day
don't shove anyone away
You know you want to be happy
So why are you forcing sadness on yourself?
Track Name: I'll Be Better Now
I'm aware you think less of me now
I can tell you think I can't see myself

Talk to me, don't let it sit. I'll be better now

For you, what can I do?
Track Name: The Bridge
How come longing hurts more than heartbreak?
When our insides yearn, our heartaches burn

I hope for the day when I talk to you and I feel nothing at all
Even the simplest feelings
Are held down by a barrier
Too primitive to speak
But I'll try to show you

There's happy then sad
That's how it's always been
You know that's wrong

Why can't we live without having an explanation for everything?

I'm like a bridge that's falling
Track Name: Talk of the Weather
Why do people have such a problem with silence?
Forget the petty small talk, I want to know the real you.
I guess that i'm just afraid of saying bye
Track Name: Winter
The green fades
Bright colors take it's place
Like the smile that left your face

Like a switch, you immediately change
As everything dies
Nothing remains the same as the chlorophyll leaves your face
Track Name: I Love the Morning
Empty promises get my hopes up
But I'm no better I know i've done the same thing

I'm sorry for being close with you

If I'd only known what you'd say
I never would've wasted my time
Track Name: Second Chance
What makes me think I deserve a second second chance?
Or is that even what I want

I've been making everything in my head
Just like what you said to me

What makes me think i deserve a second second second chance?
No, no, no it's not what I want
Track Name: Song for No One
There is no plan B
There is only me and the world
I'm so afraid of wasting my time
I can't imagine anything but this

What if no one hears this song?
What if no one sings along?

Is it really something I should worry about?
I don't think so
Track Name: No Severance for Leaving
I've come to discover
That most things
Aren't what they're
cut out to be
Got rid of the bad in my life

But the heartbreak's on me
I knew from the start
We would never work
Why am I surprised?

Life is great
with a projection of me
To soak up all the feelings
You hide from everyone else

I'm finally
Not coming back
But there's no
Severance for leaving
Track Name: Move Closer
Through all the seasons
I'd never felt so grateful
For everyone in my life
and everything that had
to line up perfectly
to put me in your arms
to make me in your life

Why would you take that away?
Every little part of your life
has gone to dust

You're the one to blame
I wonder what it is about you
That makes you so self destructive

Everything will be okay
You're alive with me
Move Closer

Everything will be okay
You're here with me
Move Closer

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