Jaeb Demos

by Jaeb (Formerly Tides)

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A collection of demos for our first album. Most songs here were recorded by Jude and Tyler on some places and Jude and Blake on some places. All songs composed by Jude Corbin except "Interlude" (Tyler Cummings) and "Intro" (Chloe Corbin)


released October 22, 2014

Jude Corbin - Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics
Tyler Cummings - Bass, Wrote "Interlude"
Zakk Tomkalski - Drums
Chloe Corbin - Keyboards
Blake Latta - Lyrics, Bass


all rights reserved



Jude Corbin Asheville, North Carolina

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my page, I'm Jude Corbin, a musician from Asheville. I make solo music, but I'm also in a band called Jaeb, you can hear our demos here.

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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: An Average Unremarkable Life
What's the point in wasting time, learning something you'll never pursue?
What's the point in living your life, knowing you aren't doing what you want to do?
Wake up and brush your teeth and off to work forgetting how to breathe.
Do the same job everyday, it's not worth it to get paid okay.

There's no limits to your wildest dreams, so keep on you'll get there eventually.

I know you aren't happy so pursue your dreams I know you can be free.
Trust me, don't waste your time. You could do something that will blow some minds.

There's no limits to your wildest dreams, so keep on you'll get there eventually.

An Average Unremarkable Life. I know you'll turn out fine.
Track Name: Simplify Your Life
Simplify Your Life, to find your heart.
Become like a child like you were from the start.
Track Name: No Reason (I Just Am)
Sometimes I don't know what to do in life
But it's okay I tell myself I'm fine
No feeling anything these days no highs or lows
this empty feeling it's worse than sadness
No Reason to be sad, I just am
No Reason to be glad, I just am
Track Name: Open Sea
Promises under a sunlit sky
Compromises never crossed our minds
Slipped into the absence of my hole
Scrutinize the pain I believed was gold

Our egos spite us and compete
Your condescending looks leave me obsolete
Whole hearted intentions
Flaws we'd rather not mention

Washed away in the countless waves
Cleanse the memory of your face
Striking back on a fate
We call love

Solemn lies and egoic pride
Shifting through the web of lies
dipped into this pool of toxicity
Forsaking our so called prophecy

Proven to be fools to mixology
The illogical accusations
Skewed implications
In all these situations

You disregard the altar
And approach the pew
Without a clue
You had no clue

So lets cleanse the memory of your face
Striking back on a fate
Fate we call love
We call love

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